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Practice Management

The following sites contain a wealth of useful information on professional firm management – with a particular bias towards accountancy firms.

Verasage Institute

Ron Baker and his colleagues are on a mission to both trash the timesheet and develop “The Firm of the Future”.  There is a strong focus on innovative pricing techniques and “recognising that professional workers are knowledge workers, not machines”.

Rob Nixon

Rob is an Australian-based specialist in improving the performance of accountancy firms.  Rob’s site contains plenty of interesting and useful information.  You can also subscribe to his regular Proactive Newsletter.

Viv Brownrigg

Viv ran her own accountancy firms before founding Businessfitness New Zealand.  She has also launched her own consultancy business.

FMRC Smithink

Andrew Geddes and David Smith are two experienced practice management experts.  Andrew concentrates more strongly on firm management while David has a particular interest in technology. They also have an interesting newsletter call Differentiator

Warwick Cavell

Warwick focuses on leadership development in professional firms

Lean CPA

Lean CPA is a division of Ohio public accounting firm Rea & Associates.  Lean CPA has a focus on implementing Lean Six Sigma concepts – quality and process improvement – and applying these ideas, which originated in manufacturing, in the accounting profession.

MFA Group

Steve McIntyre-Smith is a Canadian-based consultant to accountants in public practice.  He also has a regular newsletter on practice management – Ledger.

Kato Consultancy

Phil Shohet and Andrew Jenner are UK based practice management consultants.  Some of their articles (click here for one of the examples)  have a strong focus on improving job management – a philosophy in common with Absolute Certainty.

Mark Lloydbottom

Mark is a UK-based practice management specialist. In 2009 his book Clients 4Life (co-authored with American David Cottle) was released.  You can order a copy through Mark’s web-site

Hugh Williams

Hugh runs his own accountancy firm near Plymouth in the UK.  He has published many books including “Life Without Timesheets”.  It’s based on Hugh’s experiences as he stopped using timesheets in his firm.  Click here to order a copy.