Absolute Certainy

How to give your customers exactly what they wants


Here are a couple of great examples of businesses that focus on giving their clients and customers exactly what they want.

Benjamin Franklin – The Punctual Plumber

Absolute Certainty features electrical contracting franchise “Bright Spark” and its innovative pricing strategies and on time guarantee. US-based Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is an example of a business that has successfully developed and implemented a very similar business strategy.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is part of trades franchising group Clockwork Home Services Inc. whose mission includes “Guaranteed Service Excellence: All our companies deliver superior service and products, and unsurpassed customer guarantees.”

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides a comprehensive guarantee which includes a promise to never to keep you waiting and if they do, they will pay you $5 for every minute they are late!

Bentleys MRI

Bentleys is a group of Australian accountancy firms. Their Client Charter outlines what they call “The Bentleys Experience”.   The Charter notes that "Whilst almost every firm has a commitment to high quality service, very few have underpinned their commitment with specific initiatives and performance benchmarks designed to ensure total quality service is delivered every time".

The Bentleys MRI Charter includes service standards related to certainty, clarity, relevance, responsiveness, efficiency, warmth, knowledge and innovation.

First on their list is certainty.  There are six service standards designed to achieve certainty:

  • Clear written terms of engagement
  • Fixed prices are offered
  • Dates are confirmed
  • Clients are informed on progress
  • Team members aren’t changed
  • Feedback is provided