Absolute Certainy

How to give your customers exactly what they wants

Stand Out From The Crowd

Most service businesses are technically very good at what they do.  Accountants prepare accurate financial statements and tax returns.  Electricians wire up houses correctly. Hairdressers make us look good. 

Most professions and trades have excellent training programmes and certification schemes in place to ensure high quality work is delivered.

But that’s what your clients expect - high quality work is a minimum entry standard.  Yet frequently clients have no way of judging the quality of the work you provide.  They may be able to tell a bad haircut from a good one, but very few clients know whether their accountant has prepared an accurate tax return or whether their house has been wired up according to best practice standards.

So clients judge your performance on issues they can understand - issues usually unrelated to the quality of work you provided, such as:

  • Was your business easy to find?
  • Did you have a comfortable waiting area?
  • Did you turn up on time?
  • Were you prepared?
  • Were you friendly and easy to talk to?
  • Did you deliver your report on time?
  • Did you return phone messages promptly?
  • Was your bill what they expected?

These issues vary from business to business but usually there will be some consistent issues of concern across a particular type of business.  For example accountants are notorious for taking months to complete financial statements and for sending out bills that are higher than their clients expected.  Electricians often don’t arrive when they say they will, wasting their client’s time.  Hairdressers play music they like, which is not necessarily what their clients want to listen to.

Addressing these issues allows you to stand out from the crowd.

To run a great service businesses service you need to provide high quality work and you need to provide a great service experience.


“It’s not what you do.  It’s how you do what you do”.


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