Absolute Certainy

How to give your customers exactly what they wants

What Others Are Saying

 "Every partner of every accountancy firm should read this book and implement the findings. Better than Gerber even!" Paul Shrimpling, Remarkable Practice, UK.

"Haylock conveys critically important lessons in an easy-to-absorb manner. Highly recommended." David Maister, author of "Managing the Professional Service Firm" and "The Trusted Advisor", USA.

"Stunning. Don't be fooled by its easy-ready style, this book is packed full of profoundly important and practical insights. A must read for accountants, and many other business owners too."  Steve Pipe FCA - Strategist to the accountancy profession - Founder and Head of Research at AVN, an association of UK accountancy firms

"I love this book – it has given me such a kick of enthusiasm and I want everyone to read it so we can get cracking on making some much needed changes.  Absolute Certainty is an absolute gem!” Hugh Williams, FCA and author of “Life without Timesheets”, UK.

"John Haylock’s Absolute Certainty is a compelling story about the importance of providing your customers with certainty in price and delivery.  If you do not follow this advice, your firm is already at a distinct competitive disadvantage.”  Ron Baker, author of “The Professional Guide to Value Pricing” and co-author of “The Firm of the Future”, USA.

"John Haylock manages to do in 112 pages what most university courses fail to do – gets you to look at your business from your client’s perspective.  This easy to read story keeps the pages flipping like a Grisham best seller, and the impact of the book could last you a lifetime.  No matter what type of process based professional firm or business you operate, I recommend you grab a latte, kick off your shoes, relax in a quiet corner, learn and enjoy.  Then go back to your office and prepare to make much more money!”  Steve McIntyre-Smith, CEO MFA Group and consultant to the public accounting profession, Canada.

“This book absolutely connects.  From the moment you open it, you realise it’s written for you . . . A story brilliantly written, that carries you along, page after page . . .I’m sure that by reading this book, like me, you’ll be inspired to take action because of the connection John makes with you through the great story he ‘weaves’ here.  Read with it.  Connect with it.  Do it.  And enjoy the absolute certainty of the impact all of that will have on you and the people you serve.”  Paul Dunn, co-founder of Results Accountants Systems, co-author of "The Firm of the Future" and Chairman of Buy1GIVE1, Singapore.

"Absolute Certainty flies in the face of common business practice and measurement systems, but so many service industries are focusing on efficiency, which really only leads to ‘Absolute uncertainty’. This book allows us to refocus on service – and after all, this is really the industry we are in.”  Peter Thorby, Chartered Accountant and Viago Consultant, New Zealand.

"John is the Ken Blanchard of the Accountancy profession. . . . . Absolute Certainty ... enough to make anyone want to run an accountancy business.” Paul Kennedy, Obyrne and Kennedy LLP, England.

"Fantastic! Every accountant should read and absorb these lessons about what our clients really want from us and then build great advisory businesses and lives." Andrew Geddes, FMRC Smithink, Australia.

"John, I just finished reading your book while on vacation at the beach and thought it was awesome!!!  Well done. I highly recommend the book to any CPA." Scott Heintzelman, The Exuberant Accountant, USA

"To all you lawyers out there struggling in the recession and desperate to find a solution: you need to read this book . . . Absolute Certainty . . . is packed with good practical business sense . . . is easily accessible and easily assimilated . . . is relevant to a broad range of businesses."  Ian Blackman, Blackman Spargo writing in NZLawyer.

"Absolute Certainty is one of the most easy-to-read business books you will come across . . . When we read this book we were forced to look at our business and accept that we were guilty of not providing our clients absolute certainty.   We have had a good hard look at what we do and how we do it, and made some big changes as a result . . . In a time when many service industries are focusing on efficiencies, this book points you back to focusing on the service being provided to your customers. Certainty of Price, Certainty of Timing and Certainty of Standard of Delivery will turn your clients and customers into an avid referral source for your business."  Clifton Accountants, Australia. For their full review click here.

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